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Krutzler Merlot 2018

13.5% abv. Deutsch-Schützen, Eisenberg

Deep purple with ruby hues. A wind storm in the forest charges out of the glass with secondary notes of toasted oak, firewood and basketfuls of dark fruit, especially cassis. After some time in the decanter, more fruit emerges from underneath the oak: blackberry, a dollop of dark plum and elegant dark cherry. Firm tannins and graceful acidity provide a muscular yet flexible frame. The tannins are laced with dark fruit but are a touch dry at this point. While drinkable now this is best left in the cellar for a few more years. The quiet confidence and elegance of the fruit - superb quality here - tells me this wine is going to be sensational from 2025 onwards. Matured in new barriques for 17 months. Sourced from vines 23 years old. Drink from 2023 to 2032.

Rating: * * * *

Price: 32 Euro.

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