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Hammer Weissburgunder Therese 2015

14% abv. Rust, Burgenland.

This Pinot Blanc must have been crafted from some place deep inside winemaker Markus Hammer's heart: a warm, exotic bouquet of toasted oak, coconut, creme brulée, lemon zest, vanilla custard and ripe yellow fruit leaves one breathless. With a little warmth, lime zest and pine notes rise to the forefront. Tremendous focus and structure. On the palate, the ripe yellow fruit is rich yet restrained, with gorgeously pure undertones of vanilla bean, more delicious layers of custard and some delightful tropical spice. The balance could not be better, with a citrus driven acidity pushing the wine into the extraordinary. There is so much love, warmth, and devotion poured into this wine that it is heart stoppingly beautiful. Magnificent.

Not only was 2015 one of the greatest vintages of the last century, it was also the year Markus Hammer's daughter, Therese, was born. Talk about an auspicious beginning. Drinking very well now but will only deepen in richness and complexity over the next decade so best leave a few bottles in the cellar if you can. Easier said than done, I know. Sourced from 40 year old vines in Ried Plachen. Spontaneous fermentation in 2/3 new barrique and 1/3 old barrique. Only 900 bottles produced.

Rating: * * * * *

Price: 29 EURO

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