Haider Sämling 88 TBA 2016

9.0% abv Illmitz, Neusiedl am See

Once the cork is out, nothing is holding back this insanely aromatic sweet wine from Illmitz! Medium gold in the glass, the wine is gloriously viscous and thick as liquid honey. Floral notes of lilac, jasmine, and blossom burst from the glass, all vying for attention with reckless abandon. Some flourishes of citrus and dark berry as well after a few minutes of aeration. The floral aromas melt into honey and Meyer lemon and pink grafepruit on the palate, coating every nook and cranny, every tiny crevace imaginable. The decadent, bold flavours are held in check by ample amounts of acidity, which is harder to accomplish since Sämling 88 or Scheurebe is not naturally blessed with Scheurebe is not naturally blessed with high acidity like Rielsing. Defintely not for the faint of heart but it would be downright criminal not to enjoy a bottle or two. Incredibly delicious. Expect this TBA to go the distance in the bottle. Drinking window 2020-2060. Excellent value for money.

Rating: * * * *

Price:    23-25 EURO

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