Christian Rainprecht Leithaberg DAC Ried Steinhut 2016

13.5% abv. Oggau, Burgenland.

A knock-out single vineyard Blaufränk- isch from Oggau. The Steinhut vineyard is 14 hectares of heat retaining schist and porous limestone - soils that Blaufränkisch thrive in. An almost opaque ruby with red hues at the rim, the aromatics present a lovely bouquet of ripe red cherry, cranberry and dried flowers. Red cherry and cranberry dominate the palate with a wave of nougat enduring for a stretch on the medium finish. The mouthfeel is very pleasing with a gentle grip from very ripe, succulent tannins. The overall feel is very polished and classy. The grapes were harvested in a warm, dry vintage at exactly the right time when ripeness, sugar and acidity were all perfectly in balance. Spontaneous fermentation in steel. Matured in two 500 litre barrels, light toast for 12 to 15 months.  An excellent Blaufränkisch Leithaberg with depth, character and elegance. 

Rating:   * * * *

Price:    28 EURO

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